So here’s the thing, I’m more than willing to accept that I’m wrong here because I don’t consider myself the expert on gender inequalities in comics or whatever BUT I’ve noticed that a few of these Hawkeye initiative things have taken relatively tame examples of sexist poses in comic art and stretched the whole point way thin for comedic effect. The majority of them have not, but there have been a few that made me go, “Really? That’s too much?”

As a guy that’s drawing comics, I’ve drawn my share of women and I honestly don’t have to try very hard to keep it tame because that’s just not my style. I’m not really that guy. I’m kind of prudish. See for yourself. You can probably find some examples of art I’ve drawn and say “No Ramon, you’re ignorantly contributing to the perpetuation of this whole thing” and if you do, sorry about that but here’s the thing, it’s just men doing this stuff. I’ve seen a lot of women at cons selling art that features the same kind of distasteful art as men. If I wanted to, I could probably find a bunch of female comic artists doing the same thing but they’re generally not held to that same standard. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m using a false equivalency here, and because there are SOOO many more men that draw terrible comics, I’m not sure I’d disagree with you on that point.

I guess the point of this is to ask where the line is? I feel like I know where it is but seeing some of these submissions have made me second guess myself.

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    I gotta admit, when someone talks about being *forced* to draw women, I’m pretty dubious that they’re on my side when it...
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    I love that he’s doing this.
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    This post was an interesting enough reaction to the Hawkeye Inititative that I think it warrants a response. Mind you,...
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    You’re definitely not the only one who’s had that same thought about some of these, but we’re not all super-talented...
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    Just keep doing what you’re doing, then. If the criticism doesn’t apply to you (which I don’t think it does, I went...
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    Right, but you’re missing my point. I’m asking women who are sensitive to this issue what I, as a comic book artist who...
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